Nirmala Sadan school for the mentally challenged was established in 1985 for providing education, training and rehabilitation of children with mental retardation in the age range of 5-21 years. Mental retardation is a complex phenomenon that may affect the social, behavioral, intellectual, physical and emotional development of a child. By giving proper training and quality services to these children, we can improve their performance in daily living skills so that they may be able to lead a near normal life

When a new case come to the centre , case history taking, assessment of the current level of  functioning in various skill areas, planning of appropriate intervention services etc are being carried out.

  1. Special education services

The special school admits around 230 children. Children are grouped in to pre-primary , primary, secondary, prevocational and vocational classes based on their  age and IQ level. Training is given  in curricular and co-curricular activities. Curricular activities include self care, motor, communication, functional  academics, socialization, domestic and vocational skills. Co-curricular training is given in activities such as sports and games, physical education, yoga, dance, music, band, art and craft etc. computer assisted instruction is also used to improve students’ academic performance. Students are provided with chances to participate in cultural competitions as well as Special Olympics. Individual attention is paid to each student is the peculiarity of curricular training.

  1. Psychological Services
  • The main services in this unit are

    Behavioral modification of students.
    Guidance and counseling Services to students, parent’s siblings and teachers.
  1. Residential Services
  • Students from distant places are using this service
  • The main objective of this unit is to give training in daily living skills
  • The service is given only for girls and also to boys below 12 years of old.
  • Around 45 students are using this service here.
  1. Vocational rehabilitation Service
Prevocational Training
Here students practice various prevocational activities to improve their work related skills

Vocational training

Vocational training  is given in the school is, training in cutting, tailoring, dress making, craft works, horticulture, gardening and also for the preparation of baniyan wastes.
  1. Therapeutic  Services

Various Therapeutic services are essential for these children because many associated disabilities like speech problems, loco motor disabilities gross motor and fine motors impairments, hyperactivity etc are seen in this children. For the better handling of these children , various therapies are available here .

Speech Pathology and audiology
Training in this unit is mainly given for children who have hearing problem and those who require speech and language training .After Conducting detailed assessment , children are given intervention according to individual needs.


  • Physiotherapy is given for improving their motor development especially posture and movement.
  • Various kind of therapeutic equipments and techniques are available  for the effective training of students.
Occupational therapy
  • Training is given mainly for developing fine motor skills in performing daily activities
  • Special care and attention is given for autistic children

  • Awareness about the nature and management of children with mental retardation are provided to parents , siblings and community members in time to time.
  • Parents and family members are given guidance to cope with crisis situation.
  • Medical camps and rural camps are organized for reaching the unreached.

The teaching staff includes special educators, psychologists, medical doctors, social workers, speech pathologists, and audiologists, physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, health care nurses, yoga therapist, instructors for dance, band, music and Physical education computer and counselors etc.